Athlete: Emily Lilo

Emily trains at Heroes Elite Fitness in Arizona. She competes across the country and got her start in Crossfit in 2013 at Crossfit Frontier in Cheyenne, WY (aka wild/STRONG country)

Top 10 Kill Cliff Crush Games, Miami, FL 2015

5th place Europa Phoenix Throwdown 2015

2nd place Arizona State Weightlifting Championships

Athlete: Miranda Foust

Miranda trains and coaches at Crossfit Helix in Greeley, CO. When she isn't caring for infants as a NICU Registered Nurse at Northern Colorado Medical Center, she is busy crushing Crossfit competitions across the Rocky Mountain region.

101st place  Southwest Region in the 2015 Crossfit Games Open

4th place Elite Women's Division, 2015 Winter WODFest

1st place Women's RX 2015 WOD for Warriors

1st place Women's Team RX 2015 Crossfit Helix Barbells for Boobs

Athlete: Aleksanders Nehajenko

Aleks trains at Crossfit Helix in Greeley, CO. Dubbed the fittest man in Latvia following the 2015 Crossfit Games Open, Aleks is a former engineer with the United States Navy.

66th place European Region 2015 Crossfit Games Open

7th place 2015 Central Europe Throwdown

Athlete: Savannah Fearns

Savannah coaches and trains at Crossfit Longmont and Crossfit Flatirons in Northern Colorado. A rabid competitor,  this beast has earned a podium finish at every individual competition she has ever participated in, including a first place at the 2014 Beast of the Valley Strongman/Crossfit event, and a month-long regional event in Alabama which earned her a sponsorship from Absolute Nutrition.

Athlete: Zach Adams

Zach trains and coaches Olympic Weightlifting at Crossfit Cody in Cody, WY.

Athlete: C.J. Engels

C.J. trains at Crossfit Helix in Greeley, CO. As a high school athlete she competed in soccer and basketball. She has been doing Crossfit for 4 years now and competed in an NPC Figure competition in 2014.