Spoiler Alert: You Don't Need a High-Priced Nutrition Coach

Before I start getting flamed with anecdotal evidence about how your RP template got you to lose 100lbs and before I start getting messages from my friends who are nutrition coaches who feel slighted by the headline – let’s get something out of the way.

Good nutrition coaches are great. They can dial in your macros and really take your nutrition to the next level, especially if you are a high-level competitive athlete. In fact, if you made it to the CrossFit Games or Regionals this year, you probably DO need a solid nutrition coach who can guide you. I know some great ones – so hit me up and I will put you in touch with them.

However, if you, like so many other people, have never logged your food, counted your macros, whatever you want to call it – you don’t need to be shelling out a hundred bucks a month or more for the next year.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, here's an article about flexible dieting/logging your food:

Here's one about how my brother used our program after fighting a liver infection that left him nearly crippled from weight/muscle loss.

Matthias Waggener - before and after the wild/STRONG Introductory Macro Program.

Matthias Waggener - before and after the wild/STRONG Introductory Macro Program.

When I first started logging my food two years ago – I had the benefit of knowing someone who had been logging for a little bit. I was able to learn all the little tricks about how to use My Fitness Pal more effectively, I was able to learn what foods I could use to help me hit my numbers – it made the process of learning how to log my food, much easier.

It never ceases to amaze me how little people actually know about food. I'm not just talking about your mentally challenged folks who watch Dr. Oz and tell you peanut butter is a good source of protein (it's not, it's fat) or who think their "healthy snack" of half a block of cheese and some whole grain crackers will help them lose weight (holy shit you just ate all your fat for the day and it's not even lunch time!) I mean people who work out and want to eat healthy.

Guys will tell me all the time how much they eat and wonder why they can't gain weight. When you ask them how much they eat, they actually don't know - because they don't log. When you do a trial run of logging for these same people for a day - you usually find out that "Bro I eat so much" actually means, "bro doesn't eat nearly enough."

After roughly 6 months of logging, it was clear to me this was what I had been missing in my training.

After roughly 6 months of logging, it was clear to me this was what I had been missing in my training.

For anyone who logs – you know what happens next. You see results – and you aren’t the only one. People at the gym, your parents, your friends – they see them too and they want to know how you are doing it.

I would spend hours a week teaching people how to use the app, answering questions about how I hit my protein number without going over on my fat. It got to the point where I understood why people charge for this kind of thing.

Here’s the thing – I’m not a nutritionist, I’m not some expert on food. I’m just a guy who has been logging his food effectively for a while and I can teach you how to get started. So I started charging people a pretty modest price for this “beginner” information. What may surprise a lot of people however - is that a lot of the people out there charging big bucks for nutrition coaching - are actually just like me. They are people who lack any certifications and have just logged for a long time or are high-level athletes. One of the bigger name companies offering nutrition coaching today, has almost three dozen coaches on their "team" and according to their website, only three of them have any certifications or degrees related to nutrition. They charge more than $150 a month and require you to sign up for multiple months when you begin.

The results I have seen from people who I have taught how to log have been amazing. It’s really rewarding to be able to see someone drop 80lbs or get shredded abs from following the advice you give them. I teach you how to log. I spend a month answering all your emails or phone calls, sometimes every day – from people just learning how it all works. What I don’t do is then try to hook you in to keep paying me every month to provide you with minor tweaks and coaching. I want you to learn how to do it on your own – not learn how to keep paying me.

Amazing what some weights and eating right will do. 

Amazing what some weights and eating right will do. 

Once you get it all figured out – you don’t need me anymore. Go out on your own and log for a year. If you hit a plateau and think you need extra coaching – go hire a coach from one of the big name websites and see what they can do for you – but don’t get suckered into thinking you need a full time coach, because if you aren’t an elite level athlete, you don’t.

I went out and hired a coach on two separate occasions. Once to see if they could help me break through a plateau I had hit, and a second time just to see how their service worked.

On both occasions, the numbers they gave me were within 4-9g of the numbers that I had come up with for myself. Both coaches would respond to my check-in emails once and if I followed up with a second question, that email went unanswered. Neither would respond to emails I sent that were not part of my weekly check-in. Both are very highly respected coaches or services in the field. I’m not naming them because this isn’t about trashing anyone or hurting anyone’s livelihood. It’s simply illustrating what you do and don’t need when you are getting started.

I know people who are finishing outside of the top one thousand in the Open, who are paying out close to two hundred dollars a month for their nutrition coaching. Those same people are usually the ones who hop around using whatever the latest CrossFit online programming is hot at the time. They have convinced themselves that if they just had better programming, a more expensive nutrition coach or a new pair of lifters – they could make it to Regionals or whatever other goal they have. The only thing they will accomplish by doing all of this? Having a lighter wallet from the thousands of dollars spent every year trying to find some way to overcome the fact they just don’t work hard enough.

Just 12 weeks after a liver infection. Logging your food is easy and the results don't lie.

Just 12 weeks after a liver infection. Logging your food is easy and the results don't lie.

You want to learn how to log your food? Good, you should. When you don’t log, you are basically driving around a car with no gas gauge, just pumping unknown amounts of gas into the tank and hoping you don’t overfill it or run out. There is a lot to learn when you first get started and a number of pitfalls you can run into – but from teaching a lot of people how to do it – I can tell you that if you make it about 6 weeks, it’s a habit you probably won’t break.

I just looked back at my last 25 clients. 80% of those who logged for 4 weeks, are still logging today without a single day missed. The ones who logged for 6 weeks? The success rate is 90%.

So if you want to learn how to log – I’ll show you. What I won’t do is ask you for a 3-6 month commitment at 150 bucks a month. I don’t want you still paying me and still having to ask a bunch of questions after a month or so – that means I failed at showing you the ropes.

If you are a nutrition coach who feels like I have attacked your profession in this write up, or you think I shouldn’t be teaching people how to log because I don't have some certification – I’ll set up an email account that I will never check, and you can send your complaints there. I love my friends who are coaches – and I refer clients to them all the time. Whether it be an athlete who I think needs more expertise, or someone who has logged for a while already.

What I offer is a course to get people started. Unlimited email or phone call consults and questions during that time. I know you have a lot of questions. Everything is new and it can be a lot to learn. I teach you how to use the app, how to log, plus all the different ways I have learned over the course of the last two years to effectively hit my goal numbers. Nothing more, nothing less.

So if you want to change the way you fuel the machine. If you want real, measurable results and you want to learn how to do this for the rest of your life. Click over to our store, pay the price once - and you'll be on your way.