Transgender Weightlifter Sets Records, Wins Australian Competition

From the pages of this week in insane sports news that makes zero fucking sense to anyone with a fucking brain.

The New Zealand Herald:

Transgender Kiwi weightlifter Laurel Hubbard's international debut has been dubbed a major hit by an Australian official who believes she is a fantastic role model.

Michael Keelan, the Australian Weightlifting Federation chief executive, was in awe of Hubbard after she won the 90kg+ division in Melbourne.

Keelan said it will be "interesting" what the reception towards her will be after her win in an international contest at Hawthorn.

"The fact that she's performed pretty well under a lot of pressure, with all eyes on her, it's a credit to her," Keelan said.

"It'll be interesting to see how much support she gets from the community, but I would think she's on the cusp of creating a lot of history.

"And she could be a great role model for others to follow." reported that Hubbard, formerly Gavin, had to demonstrate that her testosterone levels were below a certain threshold for 12 months before competing.

"But she will also have to - fairly or unfairly - deal with whispers of discontent around her perceived physical advantages," they reported, adding the crowd reception for her was fairly standard.

The 39-year-old Hubbard avoided media comment afterwards, with a team mate saying she was "quite overwhelmed".

Hubbard's first attempt at the snatch failed but she eventually lifted 123kg, a 14kg lead over Iuniarra Sipaia of Samoa. Her clean and jerk total of 145kg gave her a 19kg win over the second placed Samoan. Hubbard went into the contest weighing 131kg, 9kg more than Sipaia.

Hubbard, the daughter of muesli king and former Auckland mayor Dick Hubbard, has met all the New Zealand Olympic Weightlifting protocols and is a top prospect for the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast next year. - NZH

Other lifters who did not wish to be named expressed outrage at the decision to let Hubbard compete as a woman: The Daily Mail reports:

The IOC requires only acknowledge male and female categories.

Transgender women are required to identify as female and show their total testosterone level in serum 'has been below 10 (nanomoles per litre) for at least 12 months prior to her first competition.'

'We all deserve to be on an even playing field,' one weightlifter said

'It's difficult when you believe that you're not. If its not even, why are we doing the sport?'

1NewsNow writer Phil Gifford defended Hubbard saying:

'It's testosterone levels which is a much more scientific way of measuring male gender, female gender than anything else that is currently known.

'And Lauren has passed all of those tests over the last 12 months

'Therefore she is completely entitled, I believe, to compete and anybody who says otherwise is either being, I think, very prejudiced, which is the main thing I would imagine, or just jealous of the fact that maybe this woman has come along and she's better than the female competitors.

He added: 'It is nevertheless a fact that in the years when she was competing as a male weightlifter there would be, I'm sure, some residual strength left from that.

'But the fact is the rules are the rules and the rules allow her to compete and the people that are complaining about it really should just butt out.'  - 1NewsNow

I think a 39 year old winning a weight class in an international competition by a staggering 19kg is sign enough that residual strength exists.

If a female weightlifter takes testosterone, she will get banned from competition for years, but this guy can simply say he is a woman and gets to smash international records? This is simply put, fucking crazy.