Glock Triggers CrossFit Community

The second I saw the Glock advertisement video on The CrossFit Games Facebook page – I had two reactions. The first? “What a cool prize to win!” The second? “Oh man, they are gonna catch heat for this one.”

I knew the triggered folks out there would blast CrossFit for allowing a gun company to award prizes at The Games. That’s just the society we live in today. People troll social media looking for reasons to get outraged, despite those “reasons” having no impact on their lives. I was a bit surprised by the reaction ON the Games page, simply because of CrossFit’s long-standing relationship and support of our military and law enforcement.

CrossFit has always supported a Libertarian brand of politics. Guns are a big part of that and if you follow CrossFit’s social media accounts, this isn’t the first time you have seen a gun on their pages. Shooting is a common sight on these pages – a favored rest day activity not just for Dave Castro but for athletes across the globe.

CrossFit is deeply connected to our military servicemen and women. Games athletes like Josh Bridges and Director Dave Castro are former Navy SEALS. Athletes like Rich Froning and many others hunt and shoot guns all the time.  We celebrate men and women who used guns every year in our Hero WODs. I just performed a Hero WOD this weekend honoring one of the men who died during the attack on our embassy in Libya. 


I spent some time reading the comments on the Games post – and the fear seems to be that somehow in the wake of mass shootings in our country and attacks on police officers, that awarding a Glock to the Games winners is in “poor taste.” Over the weekend, we saw more than 80 people killed in a truck attack in Nice, France. Would there be similar outrage if the Games decided to give a truck to the winners? I think not.

This falls into the same category as so many “outrage” incidents on social media. Everyone thinks that a group should hold the same values as they do – we don’t like guns so therefore nobody should like guns. Guns are legal folks – and Glock is a terrific business that provides their product to our military and police forces. A legal company producing a legal product – and yet people think they should be barred from awarding their product as a prize. Where does this stop?

These people have a petition going on over at – because that’s what they do. It’s slacktivism at it’s finest. Do nothing while appearing to do something. Should we also avoid awarding the winners animal-based protein powders because some CrossFit fans may be vegetarians? Should Castro not allow Reebok to award Nanos to the winners because some fans may be vegans who see leather as a product of animals being mistreated? Where does this insanity stop?

Dave Castro doesn't care what you think - and that attitude has served him and CrossFit well.

Dave Castro doesn't care what you think - and that attitude has served him and CrossFit well.

Why do you care what the winners will receive? Are you afraid Josh Bridges is going to sell his Glock on the black market to a criminal who will then use it to rob you? I find that scenario to be highly unlikely.

HQ should never bow down to the whims of some CrossFit Facebook trolls. Love it or hate it, one of the best things about CrossFit HQ is they don't give a shit what anyone else thinks. This attitude, although making them a target for attacks from the kinds of people who spend too much time on Facebook, has served them well and I hope they never change. 

If you have a problem with guns, fine - take it up with the writers of our Constitution, not the director of the CrossFit Games. If your problem with guns makes you unable to enjoy a sport that might not share your world view – then CrossFit is probably not going to be your sport. Perhaps find a less gun-friendly outlet for your weekend viewing – badminton or some shit.