wild/STRONG Open Tour: 16.5 Location Announcement! The Homecoming

One of the main reasons we started the wild/STRONG Open Tour was to be able to perform the Open workouts on Friday nights with large groups of athletes. The atmosphere for these stops has been incredible and the Tour has been the most fun I've ever had during the Open.

16.3 - CrossFit Battle Ready in Greeley, CO.

16.3 - CrossFit Battle Ready in Greeley, CO.

We've hit the following gyms on the Tour:

16.1 CrossFit Evolve - Fort Collins, CO

16.2 CrossFit Endure - Windsor, CO

16.3 CrossFit Battle Ready - Greeley, CO

16.4 CrossFit Pandora's Box - Colorado Springs, CO

16.4 Lowry CrossFit - Aurora, CO (Crew split up for 16.4)

It seems fitting than, since Northern Colorado was locked down by the wild/STRONG crew for a month, that we return home this week to where it all began, right here in Cheyenne, WY.

While our Colorado Crew will be hitting up Farmboy CrossFit in Wiggins, CO, Josie and I will perform 16.5 at our home gym, CrossFit Frontier.

16.2 - CrossFit Evolve in Windsor, CO.

16.2 - CrossFit Evolve in Windsor, CO.

Frontier is hosting the Wyoming State Championship weightlifting meet on Saturday - so they are running the Open workout on Friday evening. The wild/STRONG Tour comes home. We will be livestreaming prior to and during the workout, so be sure to tune in for this awesome finale on Facebook.

I will also be pledging my reps to Maya Tobin. We wrote about Maya here, and wild/STRONG is proud to be organizing the wild/STRONG #WOD4Maya on April 23 across Wyoming. No donation is necessary to participate, but we do encourage you to buy an event shirt and help us raise money for the Tobin family.


If 16.5 is an AMRAP, I will donate a dollar for every rep I complete. If it is a "for time" event, I will still donate for each rep and will add something to the end of it. I encourage anyone who wants to join me to make the donation to the Tobin GoFundMe page and use the #Reps4Maya in the comment line of your donation.

I also want to take this opportunity to say thank you to all the CrossFit gyms that have agreed to participate in the #WOD4Maya and run the workout on the morning of April 23.

CrossFit Frontier

CrossFit Cheyenne

CrossFit 7220

CrossFit Laramie

CrossFit Cody

CrossFit Jackson Hole

Iron Cowboy CrossFit

Ridge CrossFit

Chopper CrossFit

Worland CrossFit

Flaming Gorge CrossFit

Cloud Peak CrossFit

CrossFit 307

CrossFit Brown & Gold

This event would not be possible without all of you joining the effort. Thank you all!