Do It For The Story

I read a line on a post by my brother’s company, Operation Werewolf, this week and it probably encouraged and inspired me more than any single sentence I have ever read.

“Do it for the story.”

Even typing it just now made me smile and made me excited about my life.

I think it probably means something different for everyone – so I thought I would share what it means to me and why you should live your life this way.

I was talking to a girl the other day and I realized within about the first five minutes – she did not have one single interesting thing to say. She had zero stories. The things that she thought were interesting, were so fucking bland it made me want to eat a bullet just to make what she called a “story” come to a pleasing end.

Later that night I thought to myself – how could you go through life, from childhood to adult – without ever having done any cool shit? Without ever having done something interesting, exciting or adventurous? It boggles my mind.

If we aren’t living our lives in a way that produces good stories – what are we left with? A bland existence that will be of interest to nobody, save other bland people.

Every day we have on this earth should be in pursuit of the story – and every one of us can do a better job in this pursuit.  For some of us, it just requires saying “yes” to opportunities that we come across. For others, you may need to seek these opportunities out. In the end – the story exists where your comfort zone ends.

Last night I was on the phone with my best friend – and I told him about this line and how it had impacted me. We laughed about how often people will tell us a story about US that we don’t even remember happening – because to us, it wasn’t even that interesting – it was a Tuesday – but to them it was one of the most interesting things they had ever heard and it stayed with them for all these years. If you’ve never experienced a friend telling you a story about you that you don’t remember – you are failing at living life for the story.

That’s the goal – to have lived so fully that an incident that imprints itself on someone else – doesn’t even register on your radar.

This type of life will be different for all of us – but sitting on your phone liking other people’s cool shit on Instagram – will never be a story. This is why, when people comment on my articles, or drop hate about me on social media – it just makes me laugh. I created a story – all you did was talk about it.

Big Horn Mountains - 2016: Do it for the story.

Big Horn Mountains - 2016: Do it for the story.

When you live for the story – you don’t stress about anything – because the worse things get, the better the story usually becomes.

I’ve been down and out so many times – and I always come back – and it’s always a great story. I lost a job, was going through a divorce – things were bad. I ended up working for the Governor, making more money than I had ever made in my life and starting my own company.

The details of how I survived that time and made it back to the top – make for a great story – and maybe one that I will share here at a later date. (*Googles “statute of limitations”*)

So today – and any day when things seem bad or I am down about anything in my life – I remind myself that the story will be even better. The worst parts of my life will end up becoming nothing more than the titles to the best chapters in my book .

Last summer I was in the Marin Headlands, above the Golden Gate Bridge, on vacation visiting my best friend. We got stuck in terrible San Francisco traffic on the way back down the hill. It ended up taking us two hours to travel about 3 miles – and we missed the Giants game we were going to attend that night. My friend told his version of that story to me last night.

“I’ll never forget that – I was so stressed out, losing my mind over the traffic and the fact we weren’t going to make it to the game. I looked over at you, you had the window down – kicked back in your seat and you were just nodding your head to the music that was playing. I couldn’t believe how laid back you were – I apologized for the fact we were gonna miss the game and you just sort of looked over and said ‘Bro – look at that view – they make postcards of that view. I’d rather be here looking at that with you guys – than pretty much anywhere in the world – so who cares about a little traffic?’ That’s why I never worry about you – no matter what is happening – nothing ever phases you - even a little bit.”

I am that way because it's all just for the story - and you either live in the moment and love everything that is going on - or you become miserable because you are enveloped by every bad thing that is happening - and you miss out on all the good stories that could come as a result of them.

Live for the story-live for the moment. Enjoy your life right now – and if you aren’t, do something to change it. Go do something today – do it for the story.