He's Back - as if there was any doubt

Last week I wrote about Roy Knapp - a badass Crossfitter who trains in Brush, CO. He suffered a stroke and was hospitalized. Yesterday, just 10 days later, he was back in the gym. Roy is wild/STRONG - to the tenth degree.


Seeing my Facebook feed filled with photos of Roy and his gym mates filled my heart. I am happy for his family and inspired by his strength and fight.

 He has a long road back to a full recovery, and as we all know, these things cost money. His family has set up a fundraiser to help with these exorbitant medical costs for his ongoing treatment. Let's show his loved ones how the #wildstrongtribe can be a force for good. We were happy and proud to be the first ones to donate to this cause. I urge you all to go make a donation. One dollar, five, a hundred. It doesn't matter. Make it a show of force - hashtag wildstrongtribe in your note when you make the donation. Let's show Roy and his family the love they deserve. Skip the trip to Starbucks this morning and and donate that five dollars to a worthy cause.