How to break the rules and live an UNTAMED life

Society has rules for everyone and everything. Whether they be traffic laws, criminal laws, or simply “social norms” or “accepted behavior”. Every day these forces attempt to quell our natural instincts. Over time, they have been successful. Most people do what they “are supposed to do”. They don’t take big risks, they play it safe, they obey the law…and they die, after living a boring life dictated to them by someone else. There is another way! You can live an untamed life – refusing to be broken by these silly rules.

Now before you go off doing whatever you want, there is a difference between social norms, man-made laws and natural law. Natural law is defined as a philosophy that certain rights or values are inherent by virtue of human nature and universally cognizable through human reason. We can look at history and see that in no society has it ever been accepted to club your neighbor over the head and steal his goat (although if your neighbor was a little better prepared, perhaps it would not have been so easy to do this). There is a reason the oldest laws found in history, are consistent across the board. Hammurabi, a Babylonian king who reigned nearly 1800 years before the common era, codified the laws of Mesopotamia and Sumeria. Hammurabi’s Code as it became known, looks very much like the christian’s 10 commandments, because other than the religious laws – these are also natural law. Don’t murder, don’t sleep with your neighbor’s wife, don’t steal. These are universal across societies. Basically, don’t be a piece of shit.

Natural Law exists above all others. The laws of man and social norms come secondary to the Untamed individual.

Once we get past these natural laws, we get into a whole mess of other bullshit laws and “norms” that attempt to restrain us. If I am on the highway and no other cars are around, why can’t I go 100 miles per hour? Why do I have to wear a seatbelt? Why should I buy a house and have 2.5 kids? Why should I work a demeaning office job for the best 40 years of my life? You do these things because society tells you that security is important – that this is the best way to do it. The Untamed individual scoffs at your “best”.

Being Untamed means taking risks, it means doing things YOUR way.  Routine is the enemy of the Untamed. Living this lifestyle starts with very little things in your everyday life. I refuse to even take the same route to work in the morning. I have at least 4 ways I can drive to the office, I use all of them. I don’t stop at the same coffee place, I don’t order the same drink – I don’t eat the same breakfast. Mix it up, live a little. Try new things – this translates over into larger aspects of your life and makes you more likely to take risks on a bigger scale.

"(of an animal or plant) living in the natural environment: not domesticated or cultivated.  Synonyms : untamed, feral."

"(of an animal or plant) living in the natural environment: not domesticated or cultivated. Synonyms: untamed, feral."

Materialism is one of the bigger ways society attempts to control you. We are in the heart of the Christmas shopping season, when society alerts you that you need to be buying as much shit as possible for everyone around you. You can read more about avoiding this trap HERE. Sell your shit. There is an old saying that what you own ends up owning you. This is true. Cut your possessions down to your needs not your wants – and you’ll find you will live a much fuller life. No this is not “normal” by today’s standards…normal is being $20,000 in credit card debt, having a house and a car you can’t afford and drowning in bills every month. As usual, I look at this and say, “I’ll fucking pass, thanks.”

The world exists as your playground. Whether or not you decide to stand on the sidelines or go play in it, is up to you.

The world exists as your playground. Whether or not you decide to stand on the sidelines or go play in it, is up to you.

Take all that money you are now saving every month and use it to make yourself better. Use it to learn a new language, acquire new skills, start a business. The Untamed individual is the person who the rest of their friends look at and say, “I wish I could do that, but…” They always have an excuse as to why they can’t live an Untamed life – and why they are ok with just watching and admiring those of us who do. They have kids, they are too deep in debt, their wives/husbands won’t let them. These people are not ok with simply watching you – they just don’t have the balls to roll the dice and take a risk. They have been trained to be good little members of society – beaten down and broken, tamed.

The flame still burns inside these people – like a pilot light on a gas fireplace. It exists - but will never burst into a roaring inferno without the fuel it needs. Looking at places you’d like to visit or things you’d like to do on your computer at work – keeps the tiniest flame lit, but until you act, the gas will never get turned on.

Do something today to break one of these rules. Don’t go Christmas shopping, take a different route home from the office, put a bunch of your shit up for sale on Craigslist or Ebay. Sign up for a class to learn something you’ve always wanted to learn. Whatever everyone else in your life is doing, do the opposite and see how good it feels.

Feed that flame. Break the rules. Take risks. Get uncomfortable. Start un-learning all the things society has taught you. Undomesticate yourself. Untame yourself.