She lifts, bro: Why women who lift heavy are the best.

This is a re-worked version of one of our most popular articles to date.

The four girls all looked like they could be sisters. They all had the same hair, the same makeup, the same clothes, shoes – all were tapping ferociously on their iPhones, taking selfie after selfie, chatting over dinner about shit that doesn’t matter. I looked at my girlfriend - both of us observing these sheep as we walked by the outdoor restaurant patio.

“Thank you,” I said.

“For what?”

“For not being boring – for being an individual. For not being like them.”

You see, my girl lifts (I feel like that sentence is not complete without a “bro” at the end of it). When I say she lifts, I don’t mean she just goes to the gym. I mean she gets after it, she lifts heavy, she runs strength cycles and pushes herself to her limits. She is always improving, competing and finding ways to get better. The things that are important to the girl who lifts – are usually vastly different than the rest of these basic bitches. These traits carry over into all aspects of her life. She is confident enough to be rabidly individual. She doesn’t fear judgement. She doesn't need me.

She takes care of herself. She doesn’t view her body as something to simply flaunt around to get guys to notice.  You won’t spot her at the gym with full makeup on, going through the motions while she scans the room for available men to parade in front of – she is there to work. Her body isn’t something to cheapen with random hookups after nights of drinking (drinking? Who has the macros to waste on all those carbs?) Her body is something she works to improve every day – something she works to make stronger, more capable. She spends time in the gym, not the bars. She would rather drop big money on workout gear (read: Lululemon) than the latest, fleeting fashion trends that the magazines say you should buy this season.

Oh you are right, this is way sexier than a woman who takes care of herself and gets after it in the gym.

Oh you are right, this is way sexier than a woman who takes care of herself and gets after it in the gym.

She is disciplined. Discipline shapes a person. It makes them re-evaluate their priorities and place greater importance on things that actually matter. Self-improvement is gauged every day. How much weight did you put on the bar? How fast were you able to complete that benchamark workout? Where do those numbers stack up to where you were a week ago, a year ago? It’s a constant climb up a mountain that is unforgiving – but that allows you to see your progress, every inch of it, as you make your way to the top. Progress for the woman who lifts isn’t measured by aesthetics, it is measured by performance.

Women constantly complain about being "shamed" by magazine covers - by photoshopped images of skinny models. These images don’t intimidate or shame the woman who lifts.

She is more likely to gaze on these photoshopped whisps of women with pity than any sense of self-loathing or embarrassment. This gives the woman who lifts a sense of confidence that is far sexier than jutting hipbones. She carries herself differently than her non-lifting counterparts. She holds her head higher – she knows she is strong and she knows that strength is a form of beauty that you are not born with – it is earned. Her body is a trophy - a shrine to the hours, weeks and years of dedication and sweat.

She cooks: The girl who lifts, usually knows her way around a kitchen too. She doesn’t eat shitty, processed foods, or dine out multiple times a week. Eating is fueling her body for the gym and she wants to know what kind of fuel is going in.

She gets ready quickly. She knows she looks sexy in just workout clothes, so when a night out in regular clothes comes along, she doesn’t spend 4 hours getting ready. She is naturally beautiful and doesn’t need layers of face cake to add to it (read: take away from it)

She is supportive. She understands the amount of hard work and discipline it takes to accomplish your goals. She knows how important it is to have someone who believes in you and pushes you.

She is loyal. When the woman who lifts makes a choice, she believes in it and stands by it. If you are lucky enough to have a woman like this by your side, you know what I mean.

She is beautiful. Nothing more needed here. Strength and confidence are beautiful…that and thick thighs and a fat ass from squatting.

Some things you just don't get from Zumba class.

Some things you just don't get from Zumba class.

Bonus: You never have to schedule time together: Lame couples who have dry relationships have “date nights”. You and your woman don’t need this contrived, forced romance in your life. Meet at the barbell and work together to achieve greatness. There is nothing more romantic than that.