Why saving money is for the old and dying - and how it is keeping you from being wild/STRONG

Yes, you read that right. Saving money is for suckers and people who aren't awesome. 

"OK, now this is the part where he says that's not really what he means and this headline was deliberately misleading, just designed to pique my interest."

NOPE. I mean it. Answer this question: Would you rather live an awesome life, filled with travel and new experiences, while you are in the best shape of your life, while you look fantastic with your shirt off, while you and your significant other can take in the sun on a beach and then spend the evenings in bed getting creative with no clothes on? While you can hike up mountains, run on sandy beaches, paddleboard for hours, surf big waves? Or would you rather be able to pay your bills and go RV'ing when you are 65?

If you answered how any sane person should, then why aren't you doing it? Let's take a look at the numbers. Say you make an average annual salary of $50k. You have been told by "them" that you should save at least 10% of this for retirement, maybe more depending on your age. That's $5,000 a year gone...into an account you can't touch, set aside for you IF you live to be retirement age. You are also supposed to save up an emergency account of 3-6 months worth of expenses. For the average American, that's about $9-18,000. Set aside for IF you have an emergency.

You DO have an emergency. You have this tiny window of time to spend on this planet and then it is over. You have a few decades of the best years of your life to enjoy everything the world has to offer - and you want to spend it taking a week-long vacation once a year to do something awesome, while the rest of the 51 weeks are spent saving money - saving for what? To not be awesome when your old and disgusting? So you can have a big flatscreen to watch other people being awesome on when you aren't? Count me the fuck out.

I save my money for experiences. I want to spend this winter snowboarding in Lake Tahoe, laying on a beach in Puerto Rico or watching Orcas in Alaska. I'll save my money to do that. When I save enough, I go do it - and it's awesome. I enjoy those things more now than I ever would in my 70's - IF I live to be 70.

Author and girlfriend. Laguna Del Condado, Puerto Rico.

Author and girlfriend. Laguna Del Condado, Puerto Rico.

"But what about my children's college fund?" - for all I know your child might be the second-coming of Forrest Gump. He or she may not even go to college. You saving $50,000 might end up pressuring a kid into college when he or she would be better off learning a trade. OK, your kid is smart and wants to be a doctor. Guess what? You can't travel on a scholarship. You can't be a badass version of yourself on a scholarship. You have to pay for it. No student loans exist for you to go travel and learn new things and spend time doing what you want to do.

Stop saving money for what-ifs. Start saving money to make awesome shit happen for you. Go out and have the time of your life. "Well I can't wait until we are 65 and Seth is broke and I have a fat retirement account." Yup - you'll probably also have a fat gut and a fat wife. I may be broke, but think of the life I will have lived - and think of how much cooler I'll be than you.