wild/STRONG primer - Step 1: How to avoid insanity while preparing for the wild/STRONG lifestyle

I wear a suit and tie to work everyday - and I hate it. Putting that noose around my neck is quite literally the worst part of my day. The best part of my day? The second I step in to my walk-in closet, kick off my dress shoes, strip the tie off my neck and hang my suit up. This is the second my day really begins, the second I begin to feel free. I put on my workout clothes and hit the gym. I lift heavy. I work hard. I get home and run my dog, I cook dinner, I spend time with my girlfriend, I learn new things, I travel. These are the things I enjoy, this is the life I want. Fridays are even better. I enjoy the ceremonially disrobing with added vigor, thanks to the knowledge that I wont have to put that suit on for the next two days. My life in a suit is spent counting down the hours until it's off and counting down the days, weeks and months until my next adventure. If I don't have a trip or event planned that I can look forward to, I go mad. 

Weightlifting and Crossfit offers me a daily adventure. A time of solace and competition - a welcome interlude to the insanity of strapping myself into a steel coffin and driving to an office where I choose to sit for 8-10 hours every day in front of a computer screen. A worker drone. A man spending the hours of the day when the sun shines brightest and the best the planet has to offer sits unused. This is what dying looks like. Getting in the gym is a must for anyone. It is the combination of wild/STRONG. It gives you a daily "look forward to" moment and gets you ready to experience your adventures at a much higher level. It's much easier to learn something new when you aren't out of breath from taking the stairs.

I'm not saying anyone with a 9-5 cannot live a life of adventure - I'm saying it makes it harder to live a life of adventure. You need a plan. You need to have that event to look forward to. You will be better in all areas of your life if you have these on your calendar. Do it today. Sit down and map out three things in the next month you want to do. These can be big (a trip to Steamboat to snowboard and see old friends) or small (driving to a national park 35 minutues outside of town, going to a museum, scheduling a weekend camping trip) Just put three things on your calendar that either get you outdoors, get you moving or force you to learn new activities or skills. Space them out over a few weekends. 

You will be amazed at how this can make your time doing what you don't want to do, enjoyable (ok, not enjoyable...maybe less terrible). Once you experience this, you'll want more of it. I try to stay at least 3 months ahead. Sometimes they are just weekends, other times I'll take a Friday and Monday off work. The key here is that you plan your adventures. This is step one of living a wild/STRONG lifestyle. Plan and prepare.